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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - New!

Self Made Man Poster
Self Made Man Poster

Self Made Woman Poster
Self Made Woman Poster

Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events

Contact Information

Resume of Bobbie Carlyle
Bobbie K. Carlyle 970-622-0213 tel.
1233 N. County Rd. 29 970-622-9904 fax.
Loveland, CO. 80537 720-201-0367 cell

The essence of the sculpture of BOBBIE CARLYLE is captured in the words bold strength and provocative intelligence. She has established her prominence in the sculpture world during the past two decades. Her sculptures in bronze and stone are all executed with imagination and vitality, in subjects ranging from wildlife to western to figurative. Ms. Carlyle has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that causes the viewer to look into themselves with the several layers of meaning. Indeed, it is work that carries a strong psychological appeal; dealing with the full spectrum, complexity of emotion, struggles and triumphs of life. She has studied under many of the notable artists of today and also takes influence from Solon and Gutzon Borglum, Rodin, Daniel Chester French and Michaelangelo. Further, her own life struggles with its hard-won insights, and her seven children have been inspiration to many of her works.

Bobbie lives life to the fullest. She sees the positive in every situation and learns from it. Ms. Carlyle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She has taught numerous workshops which include teaching at the Colorado Institute of Art.

Her works are displayed internationally in numerous public and private collections in reliefs, smaller works, life size fountains and monuments. Currently she is working with architects, landscape architects, land developers and art representatives on numerous installations, commissioned pieces and fountains.

Bobbie Carlyle has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that causes the viewer to look into themselves with multiple layers of meaning. Indeed, it is work that carries a strong psychological appeal: dealing with the full spectrum, complexity of emotion, struggles and triumphs of life.


Fox Run Development, Greeley Colorado 'Self Made Man'
Extended Stay America Corporate Office, Charlotte, North Carolina, 14' 'Self Made Man'
Park Central Developments, Orlando, Florida 'Self Made Man'
University of North Carolina, monumental 'Self Made Man'
Town of Parker, Parker, Colorado 'Self Made Man'
Douglas County Library, Parker, Colorado 'Puppy Dog Tales'
Douglas County Commissioners Office, Castle Rock, Colorado 'Duster' & 'Navajo Maid'
Douglas County Justice Center, Castle Rock, Colorado 'County Commissioner Bas Relief'
Western Bank, Puerto Rico 16 ft. 'Self Made Man'
Office Complex, Nicargua 16 ft.'Self Made Man'
Public Park, Kansas City, Kansas 'Sunriser'
Oakmont Public Library, Oakmont, Pennsylvania 'Puppy Dog Tales'
Lay Center, University of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri 'Self Made Man'
Conference Center sponsored by Leaders Magazine, New York 'Day's Catch'
Robert Muir Developers, Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 16 ft. 'Self Made Man'
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Fairview, Pennsylvania 'Sunriser'
Columbus University, Columbus, Indiana 'Self Made Man'
Manchester Hyatt, San Diego, California 'Sunriser'
City of Batavia, Batavia, Illinois 'Self Made Man'
Ponderosa High School, Parker, Colorado 'Mustang Relief'
IBP Corporation, North Dakota 'Self Made Man'
Thornton School District, Thornton, Colorado 'Children's Relief'

One Woman and Group Shows

Allied Artists of America, New York City, NY
Art on the Corner, Grand Junction, Colorado
Battle Mountain Trading Post, Vail and Minturn, Colorado
Beverly Hills Art League, Beverly Hills, California
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Brookgreen Sculpture Gardens Gallery, Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina
City of Palm Desert, Palm Desert, California
City of Pueblo, Art on the Corner
Danada Sculpture Show, Cantigny Park, Wheaton, Illinois
El Prado Gallery, Sedona, Arizona and Sante Fe, New Mexico
Group Installation Show, Grand Junction, Colorado
La Quinta Sculpture Garden, La Quinta, California
Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins, Colorado
LDS International Art Exhibition, Salt Lake City, Utah
Loveland Sculpture Show, Loveland, Colorado
North American Sculpture Exhibition, Golden, Colorado
Parade of Homes, Denver, Colorado (5 years)
Rotary Art Show, Loveland, Colorado
Saks Gallery, Denver, Colorado
San Luis Art on the Corner, Colorado
Solar Energy Research Institute, Golden, Colorado
Western Academy of Women's Art, Scottsdale, Arizona

Museum Shows

Indianapolis Art Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana
Frontier Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming (six shows)
Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming
Oscar Howe Museum, Mitchell, South Dakota (three shows)

Private, Corporate and Public Collections

Raisbeck Aeronautical Engineering, Seattle, Washington 'Stretch the Limits', 'Aviator', 'Self Made Man'
City of Grand Junction, Grand Junction, Colorado 'Diadems', 'Hannah', 'Sunriser'
Cemetery Installations (2) 'Fawn's, (2) 'Self Made Man'
Toussie Family Collection 'Stretch the Limits', 'Sunriser', 'Self Made Man', 'Puppy Dog Tales' 'Jennifer', 'Ariel', 'Lorelei', 'Upper Limits', 'Elaine', 'Self Made Woman' and others
Amberex Corporation, Dallas, Texas 'Pace the Wind'
Blettner Develpers, Office Park, Madison, Wisconsin 10 ft. 'Self Made Man'
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 'Kindred Spirits'
Double Angel Foundation, Parker, Colorado monumental 'For Love of the Game'
AT&T Corporate Executive, Seoul, Korea 'Self Made Man'
Private Sculpture Garden, Denver, Colorado 'Self Made Man'
Private Sculpture Garden, Mexico 'Ladyhawk' and 'Self Made Man'
Safecard, Inc., Cheyenne, Wyoming 'Pace the Wind'
Senator Alan Simpson, Wyoming 'Grandpa's Hat'
Dixie Family Collection, various watercolors, 'Self Made Man', 'For Love of the Game'
Lifetime Fitness, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Tempe, Arizona 'Self Made Man', 'Sunriser'
Walters Development, Kauaii, Hawaii, 'Self Made Man', 'Puppy Dog Tales'
U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 10 ft. 'Self Made Man'
LJD Enterprises, Inc., Boulder, Colorado 8 ft. 'Self Made Man'
Rosecrans Airport, St. Joseph, Missouri 7 ft. 'Aviator'


Brinker-Knox, Yountville, California
Brookgreen Gardens, Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Deselms Fine Art, Cheyenne, Wyoming
Exposures Fine Art, Sedona, Arizona
Joseph Bottom's Fine Art, Santa Barbara, California
Knox Gallery, Denver, Beaver Creek, Colorado
Knox Gallery, Harbor Springs, Michigan
Knox Gallery, Naples, Florida
Qwent Cordair, Burlingame, California
Simic Gallery, Carmel, Monterey, La Jolla, California
Smith-Klein Gallery, Boulder, Colorado
Studio at Long Grove, Long Grove, Illinois
Wilshire Gallery, Park City, Utah

If you are interested in a piece that is not on the site you can email Bobbie by clicking here, or contact her by phone at: 970.622.0213 and we'll be happy to send you some information on it.