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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - New!

Self Made Man Poster
Self Made Man Poster

Self Made Woman Poster
Self Made Woman Poster

Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events

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Bobbie Carlyle Sculpture Events


This has been such a year! Bobbie has participated in numerous shows and exhibitions, and kept on sculpting all the while. As a result, we have many new bronzes that have been cast from that work, and also several new clays that aren't quite to that point yet. Ask her about precast pricing on those!

Self Made Man Featured on "The Bachelor"

Mr. O' Brien and Brad Womack, last season's Bachelor, walk outside so that Mr. O'Brien can explain to him the meaning behind and importance of "Self Made Man". The 8' version is in the foreground featured during the entire scene. This appearance struck a chord in many viewers, the emails started coming in while the show was still on and continue to arrive!

Jan. 20th – April 3rd Arizona Fine Arts EXPO

		Sculpture ExhibitBobbie would like to invite you to the annual Arizona Fine Art Expo 2011 at 26550 No. Scottsdale Rd., at Scottsdale Rd and Jomax at the McDonald Ranch. The Expo opens daily at 10 a.m. This 10 week event will showcase juried artists applying their skills in a working studio environment, giving attendees unprecedented access to some of the world's most gifted designers, painters, sketch artists and sculptors. Not only will you have the opportunity to interact with the artists, but participation will be encouraged during hands-on art demonstrations and workshops. This is an opportunity you do not want to pass up!

Banneker Park 40th Anniversary Celebration

Banneker Adult Sculpture

As the sculptor of record for the Benjamin Banneker Memorial planned for Washington, D.C. Bobbie has recently attended the 40th Anniversary celebration, hosted by The Washington Interdependence Council. This celebration was held to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Banneker Overlook Park, and Mrs. Louise Hutchinson, who successfully lobbied to name the park in Banneker's honor in 1971.

Seaswept Unveiled

Seaswept Bronze

Bobbie was asked to create a sculpture for the site of the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, a sculpture that would help serve as a connection point for the history of the site, now owned and developed by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The piece she created, titled "Seaswept", occupies the same corner of the property that formerly hosted another fountain sculpture, recalling a bygone era for some residents.