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Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - New!

Self Made Man Poster
Self Made Man Poster

Self Made Woman Poster
Self Made Woman Poster

Schedule of Events
Schedule of Events

Contact Information


Shipping costs ARE NOT INCLUDED in the prices listed and need to be paid by the purchaser. If you wish to know the total shipping costs involved on a particular piece, call us at (970) 622-0213 and we will be happy to provide you with that information.

Customer Service

We are committed to you, our customers, and your satisfaction. We try to understand and meet your needs so you may get the desired sculpture at the best possible price for your ideal location.

Studio Hours

8 AM - 5 PM PST Monday - Friday
You're welcome to try at other times, but I won't guarantee I'll answer if it isn't during the above days and times.

Response Time

If I'm not available via phone, I'll try to return your call within 1 business day. Depending on the nature of your email, you should expect a response within 1-2 business days.

Payment Terms and Policies

You agree to pay a non-refundable payment of fifty percent (50%) of the Total Purchase Price and agree to pay the remaining unpaid balance of the Purchase Price of the Sculpture prior to the ship ment of the sculpture. In addition, you are responsible for all costs of crating, packaging, shipping and insurance related thereto. If the sculpture isn't immediately available then the foundry process will not begin until receipt of the down payment.

We accept credit cards, money wires, and checks, or you may pay on-line via PayPal by clicking on a Buy Now link on the Price List page.

Return Policy

You can return a product within 60 days to receive 50% of your money back, minus shipping, due to the cost of production. You are responsible for the shipping cost to return the undamaged sculpture. If there is damage, the amount of damage will be assessed and the amount of your payment you receive back will reflect the amount of damage.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your order at any time with no penalties provided you haven't paid your non-refundable down payment of 50%. Once the down payment is paid, foundry process is started and you lose out on the down payment. To cancel your order just contact us at the email or phone number above.

Credits and Refunds

If you cancel or return your order a refund will be issued in the method of initial payment. For example, if you pay via credit card your credit card will be charged back the appropriate amount.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of Bobbie's sculptures are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you should decide that you aren't totally pleased with your purchase just return it within 60 days to receive 50% of your money back. Just contact us at the phone number or email stated at the top of this page.

Contracts and Terms of Use

There is a written agreement that will need to be filled out and signed by you (the purchaser) and Bobbie Carlyle.